Although our web hosting client base is concentrated in the Central New Jersey area, where we are well known and partner with many computer hardware and design firms, we provide web hosting services for companies located as far away as Western and Eastern Europe and the Middle East. The Internet makes distance irrelevant.

Likewise, our network advisory clients are spread through- out the United States, wherever our expertise is needed. Service to our remote customers tends to focus on special- ized advise on internetworking technologies and wide area network planning. However, there is a trend among our local high-speed access customers to rely on us as a one-stop service provider for Internet access and local area network management given the degree of these services' interdependence.

Most of our high-speed access client base is located locally, since in most cases close proximity to the Internet Service Provider minimizes telco charges. However, for several geographically distributed client organizations, our internet service is a critical component of their wide area network architecture.

Our customers represent a wide variety of disciplines in the commercial, public, non-profit, and educational sectors. Contact us and we will gladly provide you a list of customers who would be pleased to discuss with you the quality service they receive from AIT.