Once the Strategic plan is in place, the next step is to prepare for the selection of actual computer and network hardware, software, and interconnection. This process should consist of:

  • Equipment Specifications
    Detailed specifications are the only vehicle for ensuring consistent quality and performance of the resultant operating environment. Specifications should fully detail the quality and performance of all purchased components.

  • Bid Process
    Detailed bid requests, combined with equipment specifications and vendor performance criteria and failure penalties are critical components of any successful bidding process. Managed properly, the bidding process will ensure the highest quality at the best price.

This process should require quality assurance testing of pre-delivery samples, testing of all system hardware and software upon delivery, and final system testing of all components. At this point, applications software and server software may be installed on all workstations and servers.

Once the operating environment is complete, and all applications software has been installed and tested, training of the faculty and administrative staff will allow for the effective utilization of all purchased resources, as well as providing the student body with highly skilled and competent educators.