Operations support includes system monitoring and reporting, problem detection and resolution, system administration support, on-site support and training, and help desk services.

  • System Monitoring
    Automated monitoring of servers and workstations for problems, usage patterns, hardware and software configuration provides early notification of problems or changes in any of the monitored parameters.

  • System Reporting
    Maintenance reports include hardware and software inventory for all servers and work- stations, including theft detection by reporting changes in a computerís inventory, illegal or unlicensed software installations, identifying the upgrades necessary for support of a new software package. Lists of detected faults, including disk and memory errors, server failures and other mission critical failures.

  • Administrative Reporting
    Administrative reports can show which computers are under or over utilized, allowing managers to redeploy rather than purchase resources. Reports detailing student logins, and activity can track the use of computers and servers to identify, for example, which web sites are being accessed, and by whom, which programs students are using, and which being used little, if any.

  • Problem Management
    Early detection of computer or software problems can save time and expense by resolving problems before they become serious. When servers fail, early detection can lead to timely resolution, avoiding disruptive system outages. Technicians can be dispatched when a problem is first detected.

  • System Admin Support
    This includes automated backups of critical system data, adding and removing users, detecting security violations, providing for remote installation or upgrading of software installed on all computers. Changing user desktop configurations and other day-to-day computer and network related functions.

  • On-site Support & Training
    Providing technicians or engineers on-site frees your staff from the concerns of managing a complex network of servers and workstations. On-site support can also include training of local computer administrators. Scheduled and unscheduled support can be provided.

  • Help Desk Services
    Telephone help desk services can assist your staff with questions and problems in the use and operation of todayís computer programs. These services provide many of the benefits of on-site visits, at considerably lower cost.