We believe in providing solutions tailored to your particular needs. Fill out our quote form or contact our office for a cost estimate. We discount access to educational institutions and fully cooperate in the federal Universal Service program.

Get connected and then establish a presence on the Internet through the use of your own company email addresses, e.g., yourname@yourcompany.com.

Your new Internet connection includes custom domain name registration and 5 email boxes free of charge.

We will host your web site on our web server (limited to basic web site hosting).

We assign sufficient IP addresses to support your demonstrated needs.

Configuration of router purchased through AIT.

Your connection comes with 24X7 customer service.

In the event of an upgrade in your service, the setup fees already paid for the current service will be credited toward the setup fees for the enhanced service. (This credit does not apply toward setup fees for Bell Atlantic circuits.)

We provide the best troubleshooting service in the industry, including on-site support. We are proud of our reliability and commitment to quality and will gladly give you references from our clients.