From diplomacy to banking, shopping to research collaboration, information exchange and transactions of all types make up part of the increasing share and variety of economic and social activities taking place on the Internet. Eventually, private and local area networks will fully merge with the Internet, forming a seamless universal application. Adopting the technologies that enable you to become part of the universal application is imperative to working smarter and having a competitive edge. It is crucial for your organization's survival.

Atlantic Internet Technologies, Inc., is an Internet Service Provider and consulting company based in Red Bank, New Jersey. Founded in 1995, AIT specializes in the application of internet and intranet technologies to the expanding needs of our diverse customer base. Since then we have remained committed to providing service that emphasizes the mission critical aspect of our computer networks and Internet presence.

Our experienced staff has been providing technical expertise in the New Jersey area since 1983. We are an established full-service ISP and leading provider of reliable Internet Access to businesses and schools in Central New Jersey. Locally we also offer technology advisory services, in particular local and wide area network planning and support.

Of course, our services extend much farther, since our expertise has no geographical limits. We provide local and wide area network evaluation and analysis worldwide. We are a one-stop web shop offering web hosting, web development and design, and web site promotion services. From network security to branding identity, our multi-faceted staff provide results.

We view our services as integral parts of our customers' technological and organizational environment. Constraints, possibilities, complex interdependencies are taken into account.

We give special consideration to your immediate situation. We focus on providing practical solutions in complex settings, and not solely on what's possible in an ideal situation. Your investment in the technology must be returned. Therefore, we tailor our solutions to your level of need. At the same time, we incorporate what it will take to realize your future goals. The information systems we contribute to are ones of the future: adaptive, flexible, and robust.

We specialize in integrated solutions. From creating intranets from the bottom-up --- i.e., providing local network architecture, network applications, and high-speed Internet access -- to designing and implementing modular web-based applications that fit seamlessly into existing information systems.

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