Our closely-knit, efficient web team includes two developers, two designers, a project manager, a web marketing specialist, and a systems administration group, with over 45 years of combined Internet experience. We are committed to providing you the highest level of quality assurance and responsiveness to your needs. We are committed to becoming strategic partners in furthering your marketing goals.

  1. Project Management
    We believe that communication is the glue of any project. We have developed a successful methodology for the clear communication of project goals, task assignment, client/user feedback, and progress status. We ensure that the time, cost, and quality of our work won't take you by surprise, except pleasantly.

  2. Documentation
    We believe in transparency -- your web site should not be black-boxed. That is why you will receive documentation of your web site. We also believe that your web site belongs to you not AIT. We understand that at some point you may bring in an outside party or decide to move the site. Therefore, we promise you a clear understanding of the siteís design and our cooperation in preventing a disruption in your web presence.

  3. Maintenance
    The attention we give you does not end after development and deployment of your web site. We provide troubleshooting and will make reasonable changes free of charge. Our web hosting package includes detailed statistics for measuring the success of your site.

Because we provide web hosting services, we are in the unique position to combine web site features and web site reliability. We view your site as a part of a whole system and not as a stand alone technology. If you choose to locate your web site at our facilities, you have the advantage of one contact, better service, and the highest level of quality assurance.