By using AIT Web Site Hosting services you reduce the costs and staffing requirements for your site. Rest assured that what you gain by not requiring the know-how in-house will not come at the expense of your control over your web site asset. We set an example of the cooperative spirit that the Internet was founded on. This includes giving you access to your web site files, building maintenance applications for you, and fully cooperating with other service providers.

With our careful network management and systems maintenance, visitors are ensured 24-hour, 7-days-a- week high speed access to your web site. We ensure the highest level of web server performance in the industry. That means no bottlenecks due to bandwidth shortages or equipment inadequacies. Our scalable hosting environment eliminates growing pains for your site. Importantly, your web site is part of a whole system of Internet-related services. We understand how it interacts within the system.

We provide customized web hosting solutions. You pay for what you need instead of a one-size-fits-many package.

There are no minimum contract terms with Atlantic Internet. Satisfaction guaranteed.