AIT Web Site Hosting provides customers with shared computing facilities, consisting of:

Solutions available to suit all of your bandwidth needs

Multiple Carriers (redundant bandwidth providers: UUNet and Verio)

Scalability: Based on demonstrated need, your site will be moved to a higher performance web server or spanned across multiple servers

Support: 24x7 network and web site monitoring; our staff is automatically alerted of problems with our telco connections and internal network, including web servers; our staff carry beepers (beeper numbers made available on request); we will physically reboot machines 24x7 if necessary

Daily web site backups for fallback version; disk mirroring for protection against hard drive errors or failure; RAID configurations are available

Building security system and equipment liability insurance

Detailed web site statistics for web site traffic tracking

All hosting packages come with:

Domain Name Services: Custom domain name registration and maintenance -- your own domain name with email forwarding. (You are responsible for InterNIC charges only. $35 per year to own your domain name.)

A Private Email Box: We usually direct all email to your domain name to a single email box. You can order additional email boxes for situations where a single box would be impractical.

Web Site Statistics

FTP Access

Auto-Email Responder: When a prompt response is required, use our Auto-Email responder to automatically reply to email inquiries on your site.

Access to write cgi programs

Typical add-ons include:

  • Fax forwarding: Normally when people make inquires at your web site you will receive an email message. For situations where checking email is impractical, you can use our Fax Forwarding service to relay the email messages to a fax machine anywhere in the world.
  • Custom Forms: Custom forms and programs that enhance the usability of your web site.
  • Password Protection: Protect any portion of the web site with a secure code.
  • Shopping: The basis of a virtual storefront
  • Database Access: If your web page application requires database access
  • Online Ordering: Real-time credit card processing via our CyberCash server software.
  • SSL security: Secure electronic commerce transactions and confidential information. Available on any portion of the web site:
  • Additional disk space and data transfer. (Up to 10 Mb disk space and up to 500 Mb monthly data transfer is free of charge.)
  • Servlet engine; multimedia publishing support; audio and video streaming.
  • Private Administration Page: For web sites that require regular content updates, you can use our custom template that allows you to make changes to a page online.

Co-locate your own hardware at our facilities. We recommend dedicated server hosting for sites that attract heavy traffic, place high demands on server load from running programs, and with specific requirements for performance.

  • Up to 512 kbps bandwidth at any time.
  • You may run any type of software on your machine.
  • You may resell space on your server.
  • System maintenance (including but not limited to) backups and system shutdowns are not included, but are available.
  • Additional bandwidth is also available.
  • One dial-up account is included.