It goes without saying that the success of your web site depends on whether it attracts visitors. Traditional media advertising helps in many cases to boost site traffic. Arguably, so does Internet-based advertising. Certain attention-getting features of web sites, like giveways, and a high utility value that draws visitors toward your site and away from its competitors are probably the best web site promoters.

However, all web site marketing plans should begin with listing the web site with Internet portals or site aggregators, resources relied upon by all Internet users to lead them to the information and services they are seeking. Therefore, the foundation of our Internet Marketing program is our Search Engine Ready Web Site Marketing Package.

The cornerstones of this package are 1) providing html code-based descriptive information -- from which the Internet search engines derive search terms, determine topical relevance, and excerpt a summary of your web site; and 2) registering your web site with Internet search engines and appropriate directories.

Our Internet Marketing program is headed by a former librarian who is skilled in indexing and cataloging information resources. This means that we incorporate an information professional's understanding of search behavior and information retrieval/indexing systems to best present your web site to Internet search tools and individual searchers.