Register your web site with search engines and directories:
  • manually submit the site to the major Internet search engines
  • electronically submit the site to up to 300 Internet search engines, directories, and yellow pages
  • manually submit the site to other targeted Internet resources
  • provide a list of the submissions.

Write and modify descriptive content for search engines and electronic submission service:
  • add metacode (site description and keyword list)
  • add a descriptive page title for every page
  • tailor keyword list and description as required.

Analyze and possibly modify web site informational content for optimal search results.

Monitor your site's ranking and actual terms used to retrieve your site for 8 weeks after registration, making changes to its code-based descriptive content as needed.

For approximately $400 you can take advantage of our experience and reduce your efforts. Get your web site out there...with confidence!

Our graphic designers are trained in the development of promotional materials. We can craft to any specification a banner or button for advertising your site on the web.

For a more comprehensive Internet-based marketing strategy we offer banner ad placement, link exchange, and other targeted placement services. These services lead visitors to your site and importantly supplement the search-engine strategy of relying on visitors finding you.