If you are interested in our package, we will ask you to complete and submit our Internet Search Tool Questionnaire, below. Feel free to fax your answers as well. Click here for a text version that you can print out or save.

The information you provide below will be used in our registering your web site with Internet search tools (search engines, directories, yellow pages, what's new pages, etc.) or incorporated into your web site design. In order to best promote your site, we will likely make some changes to the descriptive information you provide as well as add information.

Name of person who will be the contact for the search tools (first name/last name):
Email address of contact:
Company Info:

Street Address 1:
Street Address 2:
Zip or Country Code:
URL(s) of site or pages to promote:

Normally, the URL of the web site is registered with search tools, e.g., http://www.anyname.com. However, we may need to register a specific web page. If your main page does not contain descriptive information, then we should also register the page that contains the best content about your site, e.g., http://www.anyname.com/aboutus.html). We might even want to register 2 or 3 pages of the site.


These are terms and phrases under which your site will be cataloged. They are incorporated into the HTML code of your site and are read only by the search tools, not visitors. Many search tools give these words more importance than words in the web page's body.

Choose general and specific terms, i.e., how you would describe the site and how you think people will search for the site. List words from related subjects as well. Include singular, plural, and other types of variations of the terms, e.g., past tense.

Note that some search engines will penalize you for too many word repetitions (some after as little as 6 repetitions). Limit the incidence of any word or word versions. If you can, try not to repeat words. List as many words and phrases as you can think of and order them from most to least relevant.


The title is incorporated into the site's HTML code and not into its visible design. (A browser will display this title in its title bar, however.) The title is the primary source of information about your site. Search tools will derive search terms from words in the title; many use the title as the site description. A descriptive title is especially important if your main page does not contain indepth information on the site.

Keep the title down to 100 characters or less. (Some search tools will truncate your title to 64 characters.)

Each page of your site should have a descriptive title, as some search tools will drill down several page levels when indexing your site. (We will review and word multiple titles for you.)


This description is incorporated into the site's HTML code. However, unlike the keyword list above, it may be visible since many search tools will display it with their search results.

Provide a brief but relevant description of the site that will catch the attention of searchers. Include keywords and geographical location(s). Try to limit the description to 200 characters (that's 5 lines like in this paragraph). Some search tools only accept shorter descriptions and will cut off characters exceeding their limit.

Geographical focus of your web site:

Specify location (where: city, region, USA, everywhere).
Major competitor's web sites:

Knowing your competitors' rankings and the descriptive information they employ will help us promote your site, especially vis--vis their sites.

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